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Investment Management

How We’re Different

Successful investing is a key to turning your most important financial goals to reality. At Stawnychy Financial, we believe investing is too important to outsource to distant, one-size-fits-all mutual-fund and money-manager firms. That’s why we proudly craft actively managed, customized client portfolios.

Stawnychy Financial portfolios are customized to meet each client’s unique situation and objectives. Our allocations can lie anywhere on the spectrum between all-stock, all-bond and balanced. The objective: To achieve maximum total return (market appreciation plus income) with the least risk.

To help our clients achieve their goals, we do our own investment research and hand-select stocks, bonds and other investments. This approach allows us to better customize portfolios, and it provides direct accountability to our clients.

Our Tools

We invest primarily in individual bonds and equity securities in all sectors and capitalization categories, exchange traded funds and preferred stocks. In selecting securities, we use fundamental analysis (gauging the inherent strength and growth potential of a company) as well as technical analysis using past trading information to make a call on future trading activity).

Our fees are competitive, our trading in securities is timely, and we provide easy access to portfolio information 24/7.

Take the stress out of your financial life.