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Our Process

At Stawnychy Financial Services, we follow a well-defined, consistent, five step wealth management process to more effectively understand and meet all of our clients’ needs.

We Listen

We listen before we advise. Using an in-depth discovery process, we learn about our clients’ financial needs, goals, values and risk tolerance. We strive to understand our clients’ motivations in order to provide them with the most appropriate solutions to their financial concerns.


The outcome of listening closely provides us with a solid foundation for knowing what makes up the client’s current financial situation. From there we can develop and advise an integrated, comprehensive financial solution that encompasses all areas that were brought to light during the listening phase. Our plans are designed to be thorough, but are constructed in a manner that makes them easy for the client to understand. We want our clients to have a strong understanding of their current financial position and how we are going to help them try to reach their financial goals.


Only after we have listened, understood and advised are we ready to begin to put together a comprehensive investment strategy. Since listening is such an important part of our process, the client can be confident that we are putting forth a portfolio strategy that directly aligns with the client’s financial plan and risk tolerance. As time goes by various changes are inevitable so we know that communication and status updates are vital to the overall success of the client’s financial plan and overall experience.


We never lose sight of our client’s objectives and goals. We continually monitor the progress that is being made towards reaching these goals. This continual monitoring allows us to make course adjustments and keep our clients up to date and aware on the progress of their plan.


Our goal is to keep our clients informed and educated about the things that are positively or negatively affecting their overall objective. We value a strong open dialogue, encouraging clients to keep us informed as to any major life events that may impact their financial goals.

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