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Why Choose Us

Stawnychy Financial Services Inc. (SFS) helps clients work towards financial prosperity by helping them set realistic goals, seize opportunities and manage risk. The SFS team leverages over five decades of experience in several different disciplines in the financial planning business. The combination of deep knowledge, experience across multiple economic environments, market cycles, and client dedication sets us apart.

Clients First

Whether it’s individuals, families, professionals, corporate executives, business owners, municipal fire districts or non-profit organizations, as a fiduciary, we have a legal obligation to put our clients’ interests first. A fiduciary is the highest standard for financial advisers. We answer only to our clients. This enables us to focus solely on the needs of our clients rather than on generating profits for a parent company influenced by their delivering returns to their shareholders. The vast majority of financial advisors are not fiduciaries, which means they operate under the much looser “suitability” standard, earning commissions for selling products. This frequently leads to serious conflicts of interest, at the expense of the client. Therefore, our only incentive is to recommend solutions or products that are appropriate for our clients. Our client-centered business model empowers us to focus not just on investing but on all the important financial needs of those we serve. We provide true wealth management involving analyzing, accumulating, conserving and ultimately distributing assets. This includes comprehensive planning, investment management, estate planning, business planning and charitable giving.

Experience and Knowledge

Zoriana M. Stawnychy, CFP® launched the wealth management division of SFS after four decades of experience with LPL Financial and Cigna Securities. There she honed her skills by helping clients stay on track and focused on their financial goals, even in the most volatile and challenging market climates. Her experience has provided her with the understanding of the unique needs of each client. SFS uses state-of-the-art technology and Charles Schwab’s & Co., Inc.’s open-architecture to provide access to a vast array of public investments. The result: World-class investment and financial guidance without Wall Street’s conflicts of interest.

In Depth Planning

We carefully explore every aspect of the client’s financial status in order to provide the most strategic techniques to enhance our client’s finances. Financial planning is important not only to crystalize goals but to strive towards achieving those goals. Whether helping corporate executives make stock options decisions, business owner’s structure buy-sell agreements and succession plans or families passing their wealth to their children, we tirelessly explore all possible solutions until the most appropriate one is found. We then work with our clients’ other advisors to make sure that the plan is properly implemented.

Active, Customized Investing

We distinguish ourselves through proactive investment management, in-house research and client-tailored portfolios that closely match our clients’ risk tolerance. Compare this to the more passive approach of most advisors, where they pitch an investment strategy, and rebalance investments over time without regard to the risk, volatility of the market and economic trends. We don’t think that’s prudent in today’s environment which is driven by algorithms and geopolitics. Our team continually monitors the markets for danger signs and actively adjusts portfolios to best withstand the turbulence that undoubtedly will occur. Our aim: To minimize market losses while capturing as much gain as prudently possible, protecting and growing our clients’ investments with maximum efficiency. Portfolio investment strategies are customized for each client based on their specific goals, risk sensitivity and time horizon.

Take the stress out of your financial life.