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Charitable Planning

Many of our clients have been blessed with the ability to use their wealth to make a meaningful impact on the world. At Stawnychy Financial, we offer independent, trustworthy guidance to satisfy our clients’ philanthropic giving needs.

Zoriana Stawnychy—a seasoned financial planner with 37 plus years of experience—provides comprehensive philanthropic support so clients can feel comfortable about their charitable giving decisions. She works closely with each client to determine an appropriate strategy to maximize tax benefits.

In addition, Stawnychy Financial supports family foundations, helping to ensure that they satisfy your goals now and through future generations. Among other things, we help you design an investment policy statement that aligns your foundation’s investment approach with its mission. We screen investments to ensure that they meet your values. As part of our services, we also help educate your family members about the foundation and facilitate their participation.

At Stawnychy Financial, the comprehensive estate and legacy planning services we provide help ensure that our clients are able to make the maximum impact in the areas they care about—in their lifetime and beyond.

Take the stress out of your financial life.