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Estate Planning

For many of us, the rewards of financial success can extend across generations. At Stawnychy Financial, we know how important it is that asset transfers occur smoothly and with as little tax impact as possible.

Control and Confidence

Estate planning replaces questions with clarity. It can take the courts out of the process and leave clear instructions for matters including the guardianship of dependents, the distribution of assets and critical healthcare decisions.

By planning now, you can be assured that important matters will be handled as you wish, rather than falling under someone else’s control.

Tax Strategies

At Stawnychy Financial, we also employ unique tax strategies to help strategically reduce estate and inheritance taxes.

Estate Planning Basics

Your estate plan should include a will—essentially a set of instructions about who should receive your assets and care for dependents in your absence. Other important documents include:

Powers of attorney. Empowering a trusted individual to make financial and healthcare decisions on our behalf.

Living will. Specifies which actions medical professionals can and can’t take in the event that illness or incapacity leaves you unable to indicate your wishes.

Trusts are also powerful estate-planning tools. They allow your property to avoid the legal process known as probate. They can also shelter assets from costly taxes, and can help ensure that your assets will be distributed exactly how and when you wish.

Getting it Done

Having a completed, updated estate plan is a great feeling. We help you check it off your list through our guidance and partnership with trusted legal professionals. Estate planning is a key foundation of your financial wellbeing—and we’re here to help.

Take the stress out of your financial life.