Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-Profit Organizations Tax laws have changed and significantly affect not-for-profit organizations. Many individual donors may no longer be in a position to deduct all of their donations to charitable organizations, thereby making it much more important for not-for-profit organizations to seek investment management that is responsive to their needs.

Fortunately, there will always be wealthy patrons that believe it is their civic duty to give back to society. We work closely with individuals to help them structure highly sophisticated income tax beneficial trusts to provide financial resources for non-profit organizations.

Investment management for charities requires a unique understanding of the needs of the distinctive culture of each organization. Charities typically have financial committees that have specific financial reporting requirements to a board of trustees, which in turn report to the community at large. All of the charities assets need to be coordinated in order to measure the risk level that the not-for-profit is undertaking in the investment portfolio. While financial markets may at times be volatile, many charities must continue to obtain some operating income from their investments. We therefore, vigilantly monitor the performance of the underling investments and position the portfolio in an attempt to minimize underperformance in down markets and structure portfolios to provide the needed income. We also assist charities in drafting and revising their investment policy statement, donor policy statement and various donor procedures.

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